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Author Topic: DOMINIC'S RETURN!!! HGUC GM Custom - dessert camo paint + detailing  (Read 360 times)


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Hey everyone, I think it's been a 5 years since I last posted. It's good to be back.

I put together this HG GM Custom for the BAKUC 2016 in Malaysia. I'd been looking for a GM type MS that I liked for quite some time and the Custom ticked all the important boxes. I especially like the head, it's not flashy but it still looks professional, like the gunpla version of a good suit.

 - drilled a hole in the top of the backpack to house the second beam saber.
 - added the arm gauntlet (from the HGBF EZ-8 SR kit) to the GM's right forearm.
 - drilled a hole in the butt to fit a clear rod that connects it to the base
 - added plaplate to the front of the ankle guard and bottom of the foot (think the red parts on the bottom of the full armor thunderbolt gundam's foot)
 - scribed a line across the chest

Brown Armour Paint:
 - Grey primer
 - Preshaded with brown, which was a bit of a waste as it's not noticable anymore <_<
 - Base colour is a 50/50 mixture of tan and brown
 - Applied random pieces of tape for the camo
 - 2nd base colour is pure tan
 - Minor detail parts painted with grey enamel paint.
 - panel line with brown gundam marker

Blue armour paint:
 - Grey primer
 - Base colour is greyish blue (I'll have to check)
 - panel line with black gundam marker

Frame paint:
 - Grey primer
 - Base colour is dark grey
 - Black enamel wash

Other details:
 - Added clear colouring around the sensors to simulate them glowing. I think I went overboard covering too great an area and next time I will dilute the clear colour with some gloss to lighten it,
 - Painted the thrusters with a mix of clear red, yellow, orange green and blue (the technique is from a video from GundamInfo but looks like it's been removed), though I went overboard and will scale it back for next time.
 - painted the pipes on the back of the knees gold.   

The base
 - used a photo frame from Daiso because it's CHEAP!
 - the larger 'rock' bits are lumps of polystyrene held in place with epoxy putty. The clear plastic rod is pushed into the polystyrene and reinforced with epoxy putty.
 - the bed is a mixture of wood glue, sand, stones and a few polystyrene chunks poured/painted on with a brush.
 - The whole is painted with the grey primer and then tan.
 - Finally, I applied a brown wash to the whole thing.

It was a really fun build and a great learning experience, if you're looking for a simple HG to build and customise I recommend the GM Custom.

Now pictures:

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Re: DOMINIC'S RETURN!!! HGUC GM Custom - dessert camo paint + detailing
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 05:36:24 PM »

nice scheme and nice base too


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Re: DOMINIC'S RETURN!!! HGUC GM Custom - dessert camo paint + detailing
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2017, 05:08:47 AM »

Absolute Terrifying build. Nice work :D
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