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Author Topic: HG 1/144 kits and Kotobukiya Kits for Sale.  (Read 3118 times)


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HG 1/144 kits and Kotobukiya Kits for Sale.
« on: November 01, 2015, 03:46:33 PM »

Selling some 1/144 Bandai kits and Kotobukiya kits in my backlog for some spending money for my US trip. ALL KITS are NEW! I am on the Gold Coast so pickup is not available for most people here. I'm occasionally am in Brisbane and may be able to drop off.
Prices do not include postage. RRP is attached for your reference.
Postage is $7.50 for most single kits(Koto kits are heavy) and vary from $13 or more for multiple kits via Australia Post. I ship at cost via cheapest method possible.
Payment is made via Direct Deposit (preferred) or Paypal (fees not included). I do take 24hour holds.
Thanks for reading.

[$21]1/144 HGUC Gabthley (RRP $32.95 AUD)
[$28]1/144 HGUC Zee Zulu (RRP $38.95 AUD)
[$12]1/144 HG G-SELF Optional Unit Space Pack (RRP $19.95 AUD)
[$15]144 HG RX-78-3 Full Armour Gundam 7th (RRP $25.50 AUD)
[$13]1/144 HG Grimoire (RRP $23.50 AUD)
[$22]1/144 HGBF Dom R35 (RRP $32.50 AUD)
SOLD [$15] 1/144 HG Tieren Space Type (RRP $25.50)
SOLD [$8] 1/144 HGBF Hi Mock (RRP $14.50 AUD)
SOLD [$6] 1/144 HGBF Mock Army Set (RRP$10.95 AUD)
Non Bandai
SOLD [$14]Kotobukiya Armored Core D-Style Rayleonard Alicia Unsung (RRP $30.50 AUD)
SOLD [$30]Kotobukiya Armored Core Nine Ball (RRP 5400)
[$50]Kotobukiya Zone of Enders Dolores (RRP $90 AUD)
[$30]Kotobukiya Zone of Enders Vic Viper (RRP RRP 5400)
[$38]Kotobukiya MUV-LUV Takamura Yui Custom Deluxe Edition. (RRP 5800)
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