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Author Topic: Kotobukiya HMM-24 1/72 RZ-030 Gunsniper Linnon(leena) Special  (Read 1882 times)


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1/72 Highend Master Model Gun Sniper Leena Special

Year released: March 2011
Release number: HMM 024
Size & weight: 19.0 x 31.0 x 13.0 cm / 740g
Approx cost: Y3600 ($45)
Origin: Zoids: New Century


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Re: Kotobukiya HMM-24 1/72 RZ-030 Gunsniper Linnon(leena) Special
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 01:31:55 PM »

firstly this kit is the "gunsniper leena special" from the anime, which keeps the japanese name "linnon" for the character so the box says "gunsniper linnon special" but some sites list it as "leena", and to be a zoids nerd its technically a gunsniper with a wild weasel unit :p

Some More Pics:

Manual actual parts in them LOL

My thoughts:
This kit is a detail painters dream, which is its strong suit and its weak point all rolled into one, theres so much detail in all the parts from the faces of the weapons to hidden in the mouth of the mech, detail everywhere, however all of those details are the same color as the surroundings, there no color separation at all really, in fact there probably only 5 different colors on this kit and even they are "just" 2 blues, 3 greys and some orange "joint caps" (so 6 but that last one doesn't count), sure this is enough and the kit would look great snapped and panel lined, but for a real masterpiece it needs some hand painted detail love, a little extra color separation would have gone a long way. compared to a bandai kit its definitely a cross between a HG and MG, the detail as mentioned is definitely MG standard as are the joints and articulation, the afore mentioned color separation and construction is HG level though with a lot of things simply being split in half and you put it back together and alot of little peices that once inserted do nothing that couldn't have been moulded in.
Sounds a bit like im down on the kit but im not its a fun build and it looks awesome with all those weapons, just needed some detail out of the box to be a top kit, the manual is great too some nice schematic data pics and some great color pics of a professionally painted kit and there some kool gimmicks too, like the tail locking into sniper mode and the various weapons opening and shutting, and the basket is a hilarious add on, and lastly it comes with a pre painted leena pilot figure, which looks great and saves what would be some crazy tiny painting.

link to wip and catapult coming soon
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