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Author Topic: Pilot's Code Of Conduct - New members please read  (Read 2609 times)


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Pilot's Code Of Conduct - New members please read
« on: August 13, 2010, 09:47:05 PM »

Welcome to the Gundam Australia Forum! If you feel so inclined, here is a little bit about who we are and what we do, along with a few simple guide lines to keep the place running smoothly.

Who we are:

We are the first and original Australian Gundam and Gunpla forum run by and for Australian Gundam and Gunpla enthusiasts. Founded in 2007 at the old evilcow site, we have since migrated to our own domain. Data recovery from the old forum is ongoing, but the friendly and helpful atmosphere fostered by our many valued members remains the same.

Here you will find a wealth of information at your disposal and hopefully a valuable and enjoyable learning experience. We are proud to have amongst our members highly skilled and experienced respected Gunpla modelers and writers the world over who have in the past been only too happy to help out new modelers with their questions.

Our mission statement has always been simple - to welcome enthusiasts both locally and abroad regardless of skill level, level of interest, or commitment, and to provide an open and free platform for discussion and sharing ideas and information relating to Gundam and Gunpla, whilst promoting and encouraging the hobby in our local communities as well as online.

What we do:

Welcome people from all places around Australia and the world
Welcome all gunpla and gundam fans, regardless of skill level, degree of interest, age, gender etc
Provide a platform for the free exchange of information and ideas relating to Gundam/Gunpla locally and abroad
Share tips, techniques, news, events, and info
Support and contribute to the Gunpla community, both locally and online

What we do not do:

Talk about religion or politics
Act disrespectfully
Shun people for their skill or effort level
Operate multiple accounts

Regarding bootleg kits:

We prefer it if you don't post them, thanks. We are of the belief that by buying bootleg kits you are supporting bootleggers who hurt the hobby which we all share.

We've always tried to run a pretty relaxed show and it's never really got out of hand. We appreciate that you understand that we give you all a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and so long as everyone is civil and pleasant there should be no need for any stricter policy. You should also be aware that talking about unofficial products is typically frowned upon and we prefer that you do not post links to torrents or illegitimate/unlicensed content in most circumstances. Play nice and we can all have cake. :)

Welcome to Gundam Australia. We hope that you enjoy your time here and we look forward to your contribution to the community, no matter the size.

Please take the time to introduce yourself here. We look forward to sharing the hobby together!

Please feel free to display your finished works in the Catapult (for Gundam related items) and Mecha for others. Please post at least 3 pictures and not just a link to another site.

If you are looking for advice about what kit to buy please take a look at the R&D section. It has information on a number of kits in various scales with pictures of the box & contents as well as forum members comments on the model and how it went together. Some entries also included pictures of the finished kit. Here

If you want to sell Gunpla/Gundam/Mecha related private items and merchandise via this community please read the Junk Guild guidelines. Please be aware that sale and trade topics are only permitted in the Junk Guild, and there is a minimum post requirement to participate in that section of the forum for everyone's security. Sale/trade topics outside of the guild will be removed without warning. We also have a section where retailers can share news and new merchandise. Gundam Australia takes no responsibility for any sales or trades arranged via content posted on this forum. Buyer beware, and in trading privately via the forum you agree that you do so at your own risk.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Pilot's Code Of Conduct - New members please read
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 08:43:12 PM »

Just a quick background on me FYI, as well as an expansion on our mission statement:

I am 33 years old and have 4 kids and a lovely Japanese wife. I have been an avid Gundam and Gunpla fan for the last 9 years, during which I have amassed a bit of a collection, a lot of theoretical knowledge, and a modest amount of practical ability.

I created Gundam Australia firstly as a means of reaching out to and creating a place for local Gunpla enthusiasts to congregate and share ideas in about 2007 as a part of the (now defunct) Evil Cow forums. In 2010, soon before the first ever Australian leg of the Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup (premier worldwide Gunpla event) the Evilcow forums imploded and the administrator went off the grid taking much of my effort and motivation with him.

Soon after BAKUC 2010 I rebuilt the Gundam Australia Forum Ver. 2.0 and we have been going from strength to strength since, building on our existing bonds with some of the internet's top freelance gunpla journalists and premier Gunpla modellers, and establishing new and exciting networks and sponsorship from our key sponsor Hobbylink Japan, an industry stalwart and the most respected online retailer catering to our hobby. We have now grown to be one of the top 4 most frequented Gunpla forums worldwide and have great relationships with the greater gunpla communities.

Unfortunately, my family life, work, and involvement with the community leave me with far less time than I would like to actually participate in the hobby personally but that brings me to our mission statement:

We aim to provide a platform for the free exchange of ideas and information about Gundam and Gunpla in Australia and around the world. In doing so we do not show bias or exclusion to any modeller regardless of their age, gender, skill level, or location on the planet, and our goal is to promote and further the hobby through interaction with both our online and local communities both here and abroad. We are the original Australian Gunpla community welcoming all Gunplars from around the globe. We are run by passionate Gunplars, for passionate Gunplars and that will never change.
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