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Author Topic: GAF's Stance on Bootlegs  (Read 5569 times)


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GAF's Stance on Bootlegs
« on: July 08, 2011, 09:08:00 AM »

Following a discussion where posts were removed from the recent orders/purchases thread, please find below a brief explanation of our stance on bootlegs.

GAF does not support or condone bootleggers actions, products, or morals. Our attitude is that they are hurting our hobby which we love, and we in no way will be seen as supporting that. To that end we request that members do not post images of bootleg items on the forum, and do not discuss bootleg items in a way as to advocate or support their sale.

There are grey areas to this discussion. Aftermarket decals for example. Recasts of limited magazine items being another one of them. It is our opinion that these items, once out of circulation, can be difficult and very costly to obtain originals of and is usually for serious collectors only (where this is not the case it does not apply). We have no problem with Hobbymate's AM gatlings for example, being recasts of the original UC novel 4 gatlings. We have no problem with the 1/144 gatlings as they are a scaled down version and therefore a unique design that is unreleased. We do have a problem with MC Model Hi Nu, though it is a unique mould it is still a copy of a proprietary design owned by Sotsu/Sunrise and Bandai, and the sale of the items is negatively impacting Bandai finacially by way of an idea replicated without permission. In our opinion this is morally questionable behaviour and in this country it is illegal.

Licensed resellers, resin/garage kit producers such as B-Club (being a Bandai subsidiary anyway) are not considered bootlegs becuase they have obtained a legitimate license for the products they are producing from the owners of the intellectual property. Unlicensed recasts of these products are considered bootlegs.

I hope this clears up any confusion about bootlegs. If you have any concerns about something you'd like to share, or questions about the above, please contact a moderator via PM.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Edited to reflect new Bandai items that have come onto the market over the past 18 months or so.

Any MC, TT Hongli, Dragon Momoka, BT Model, L.MB, RC, Daban, MA or Elyn Hobby just to name a few are all considered bootleg outfits and as such are banned from this site.
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