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August 23, 2019, 12:59:19 PM *
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 on: August 15, 2019, 07:34:53 AM 
Started by Mechworker - Last post by Mechworker
An old adage is ďIf it looks right, it flies rightĒ. This implies that a well-designed, well-flying plane is one that is aerodynamically sound, and that this translates, on some subconscious level, to a perception of beauty. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but by and large it is pretty true. (I think the A-10 is hot, so donít bring that as a counterexample!)

Of course, beautiful planes are one thing, but just like how I like loser cars, I have a thing for making pretty airplanes ugly. I absolutely love it when a plane gets all kinds of lumps and bulges, be it for EW purposes, or some other reason. One thing above all that I love is a big spine! Taking an otherwise lithe and athletic aircraft and putting a MASSIVE SPINE on it just works. OA-4Ms, Thunderstick II Thuds, SufasÖ you name it, if it has a big spine or a hunchback, Iím on it likeÖ well, a fat spine on a lithe plane!

Thus, I was pretty pumped to get my hands on the Zveszda Mig-29SMT. Nothing takes the ďRussian-chicĒ of the Fulcrum and junks it up like a massive hunchback of a fuel tank! Add a centreline tank to add a belly, and the poor SMTís just got ďfat and slowĒ written all over it! Check out Zvezdaís take on this last of the original Fulcrum family at the link below. You canít like to yourself anymore; you know you want it!

 on: August 01, 2019, 07:30:39 AM 
Started by Mechworker - Last post by Mechworker
The BRAT keeps on rolling! Well, not physically, since I havenít done the wheels and tires yet, but itís metaphorically well on its way!

One part of cars I really like is the interior, and while itís simple, the old AMT Brat has some nice detailing. The texture of the carpet and the detail on the door panels and seats is great; itís a bit too bad it isnít going to be more visible! Still, Iíve had a good time building it, and Iím glad that I cut the bucket separate from the bed. Best move ever.

Iíve also got the paint on, and that meant it was time to look at the decals. Since this is an original BRAT, not the reissue, I donít have that super-nice looking new sheet to work with. I had a scan of it, but thatís cheating, and I wanted to make the originals work. WOWÖ thatís quite a fight!

Check out the ups, downs ins and outs at the link below! Despite what it looks like, I think things are getting close!

 on: July 17, 2019, 10:14:38 AM 
Started by dj898 - Last post by dj898
Another old Gunpla kit built using the Moanaka build method. :)
Before start you can check out what this old kit is looked like with the straight build over

And after this and that and what not :p here's what it looks like. :)

Not much of articulation but at least it now looks decent just like HGUC kits - which is the whole point of Monaka build. :p

 on: July 17, 2019, 08:52:18 AM 
Started by Mechworker - Last post by Mechworker
The Battle of the BRAT rages on!

Iíve been hacking away at the original AMT BRAT for a while now, and am making good progress. Thankfully, the body seems to have the highest number of flaws, since I was able to get the chassis and engine done without major issue.

Of course, that doesnít mean AMT still didnít find ways to disappoint; that would be unthinkable! From poor location to just plain old forgetting to finish the job, the BRAT has some interesting quicks in its lower half.

You can check out the chassis and engine at the link below, and if youíve got a reissue of this kit, let me know if they fixed the issue on the motor.

 on: July 04, 2019, 10:29:59 AM 
Started by Mechworker - Last post by Mechworker
If you know me, then you know my thing is weird cars, the everyday and what I call ďloser carsĒ. One of the most recognized, reviled and joked about loser cars of the Automotive Dark Ages was the Ford Pinto. With a reputation for blowing up like a stick of Looney Tunes dynamite and a design that was a weird mix of practical and impractically underpowered and underbuilt, the Pinto has long epitomized how low things could go.

Itís no surprise then that I was beside myself with excitement when Round 2 anounced they were going to give us our SECOND Pinto reissue. First, there was the Pony Express wagon, followed now by the AMT 1977 hatchback! For Pinto-philes (even sounds gross) and loser-lovers like me, getting a chance to own the second-ugliest installment of Fordís incendiary blighter was something that had only been hoped for.

I managed to snag one a week and change ago, and Iím really surprised to see that no one else out there seems to have jumped on this one. Of course, that might be because, unlike me, they knew what to expect! Check out my out of box review for this new stain on your modelling display at the link below, and bring your fire extinguishers!

 on: June 29, 2019, 10:25:16 AM 
Started by momonoart - Last post by UltimateSicarius

 on: June 29, 2019, 10:19:38 AM 
Started by UltimateSicarius - Last post by UltimateSicarius
Any suggestions on what/how to customise the HG Gundam Exia? Much appreciated.

 on: June 28, 2019, 10:17:55 AM 
Started by Zombster - Last post by Zombster
20% off all hobby items, both online and in store. This sale has just started and is running for the QLD school holidays. Lots of other stuff on sale too, for more info check out our facebook post:

 on: June 28, 2019, 10:16:39 AM 
Started by Zombster - Last post by Zombster
20% off all hobby items, both online and in store. This sale has just started and is running for the QLD school holidays. Lots of other stuff on sale too, for more info check out our facebook post:

 on: June 19, 2019, 08:34:47 AM 
Started by Mechworker - Last post by Mechworker
Thereís not much more fun than a road trip, unless itís a road trip that also includes going to Hobby Shops along the way! A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I ended up doing some ďhobby shoppingĒ in Michigan, and it was not without considerable success!

We managed to find all kinds of old, interesting and (of course!) sad car kits that begged to become part of the stash. Being kind-hearted, we of course took them in! Check out this weird mix of everything from MPC Annuals to JoHan promo-kits at the link below!

Donít forget to vote for your favourite, either!

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