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Hahahah, I love Onion Knights. Good job! :D

What a finish! All those entries and all those awesome executions.....Ow stop getting me all excited, i'm down with another cold...... :P

Congrats to all winners and contestants and to Gunny for making this GB more than I ever could have. You all once again make this GB another amazing run. May the Grunts CONTINUE TO BE THIS AWESOME!

Got damn Gunny that's some fine good work!

Officer's Bulletin / Re: Upcoming MG Releases
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:25:56 PM »
Don't we already have a MG Sinanju Ver ka? I swear I have one stashed in my closet...
This is probably going to be MG Sinanju OVA Ver., like the Unicorn OVA version that came with the vulcans, blue beam sabers, and less decals. You're just going to see minor changes here, but apparently the Bazooka will come with this version.

Not sure how else to put it Gunny, but I like your balls.  I love the Decals, especially the Aussie flags.
Is there a "WTF QUOTE AWARD" because I think this should get it!

Wow, this is some amazing stuff. Your scratch building skills are elite. I can't wait to see what you do with this!

Bit of update, The railgun and the bazooka mount on the backpack are rougly build.  :-\

I love the originality you got going here. That railgun looks so damn promising and a Nu Gundam Cannon? Yessir.

I'm probably going to be picking up my kit at Ohayocon this year. I might be down for a open category because i'm going to get my groove back into Gunpla by straight building this and adding some LEDs for the psycho frame parts.


mods can come from anywhere people :P

I must say that I am a fan of mods coming from boobs.
The amount of truth in this statement is abundant.

I Like that alot. You made it much more fierce.

Well I'm almost finished, the holidays helped to get all that tedious painting done.  Now I just have to finish my extra weapon to complete the build.

But then again Zeon grunts are badass enough just out of the box...

Don't mess with UC

or else...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Zeta Choice Award ( made up >> << ) goes to this guy for dispatching the worst gundam in history of gundams!

My Base Jabber crashed on a test flight
-  ??? Do tell. It sounds like it'll be an interesting story.  Wasn't flown by this guy: :monsha: was it?
ROFL. No one likes to get Ramba Ralled.  (No Ramba Ral emoticon.)

Calling; ZNT, Shaid, potchip, tsubaki & PGOD. Less than a month to go and no starter pics  ???

Are you lot still in the running  ???

Come to think of it is anyone still in the running :-\
I'm out, on top of absolutely no drive to start any kits lately, we got hit with a Blizzard that gave me the flu, even if I wanted to crack it out in the last few weeks I wouldn't be able to.

Not sure why someone would have  Spider-Man on his mobile suit but looks good
i meant canonically not what ever. um this comment never happened.
You are crazy...That's an awesome decal and it's of Spider-Girl not Spider-man. If our time A.D. turned into Universal Century at the construction of space colonies, and the Earth is still our earth with the same continents and everything, someone had a spidey comic somewhere still :P

Broke mine down for paint today. Between going through 10 colours of paint trying to decide what to go with and the billions of pieces in this kit (each need individual attention) I severely underestimated how much work this kit is gonna take.

On a bigger dilemma, I ordered the extra funnel set and I'm not sure I'm going to use them for this kit. I rather like the lopsided look. It's iconic.
Perhaps keep the extra set always on the stand in firing mode that way you used them and it's not technically attached to the kit?

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