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Another update. Hopefully this is astraea done. I used copper colour to paint the well, brownish part, I know it wont stay shiny for long, but one can be hopeful. Now the weapons, planning to paint the handgun gold and a black cape.

@Sonar: Thanks!! Can't wait.

@Hemish: Haha. Don't mind punishing myself, but hopefully the gunplas are not the one punished. Thanks, I will need all the luck I can get.

@random: it will be real slow.... LOL. but thanks.

Anyway, just a little update and hopefully I can finish the Astraea by today. Went to a shop and tried out the fluoro paint, real bad. So I went for the colour. For now, it is half-painted-full-of-nub-marks Astraea.

The Catapult / Re: My first and second kit.
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:47:22 AM »
Nice colour scheme on the 00 Raiser mate. Well done. I really like that last photo/pose! What did Lupes use that colour scheme on again?

Thanks Sonar. This is the one, I think it is gloss black and silver?

Mobile Suit Hangar / WIsasP - work in seriously agonizing slow progress
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:44:10 AM »
Hey guys, just needed a few ideas on colour scheme on my next project. I am planning to make the 4 demon king themed gunpla. The gunplas that i am using is Shin Musha MK II, Strike GAT 105X, Astraea, and Astray Gold frame.

SO FAR, i've painted the astraea flat black and is now looking for fluorescent paint/strip to make a few lines here and there. Any thoughts?

I am still unsure about the other colours though, for the Strike I am thinking of certain parts (such as the chest, knee, shoulder being black and the remaining white part will be grey. For the gold frame, I am having doubts whether to spray the white part black cause I think black and gold goes together, but after seeing this guy (this photo is courtesy of gamespot and the user VILE_VIVI) I am no longer sure if it is the correct scheme.

Now the musha, the blue doesnt seem to be intimidating enough. So some ideas? I am planning to use the hg freedom that I've damaged hang it with a chain and let the musha drag it around, cue caption "look what happened to your freedom".

As I am only available on Fridays to work on this project, it will be a long time before I finish everything.

P.S sorry for the long post guys!

P.S.S I am making astraea the assassin (with custom cape), astray the swordsman (with extra swords from exia, gale), strike the use-everything-till-they-die mecha, and musha the demon.

Meet & Greet / Re: Introducing..
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:18:10 AM »
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!

@loongz/Darren @mokana_man: hey guys, I am from Melbourne too!! Glad to see some locals!

The Catapult / My first and second kit.
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:12:23 AM »
This is the 1/144 HG ZGMF-X10A, with my custom colour scheme. My first attempt at Gundam modeling and I melted the back putting it too close to the heater, so I might convert it to battle damage. Have not added any detail yet, hopefully I can practise my panel lining skills on this guy.

This is the 1/144 HG 00 Raiser + GN Sword III. With my colour scheme of Charcoal Black and White, I remember seeing a similar colour scheme in "Lupes's" blog (or I think it is). The green parts had a silver layer below to make it shine. Yet to any details such as decal, panel lining.

I've also just recently finished the MG Exia. Started with that one cause it's the cheapest out of the MG kits that I bought.

So, please do comments.

Meet & Greet / Re: Introducing..
« on: August 16, 2010, 08:26:24 AM »
Hey guys, my name is zenma5ter. Currently a 2nd year in Uni. Been craving to get my hands on gunpla since 5 years ago and only just got them about 1 month ago. So far, I've built 2 HGs and 1 MG and sprayed a few other MG's runner for my next built. Well, thats about it. Hope to learn more about this hobby from you guys. Cheers!

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