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The Catapult / 1/144 scale RX-75 Guntank Mass Production Type
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:20:30 AM »
Stage 1 completed.

Now onto the stage 2 :)

The Catapult / Monaka Gunpla Build - 1/144 MSK-008 Dijeh
« on: July 17, 2019, 10:14:38 AM »
Another old Gunpla kit built using the Moanaka build method. :)
Before start you can check out what this old kit is looked like with the straight build over

And after this and that and what not :p here's what it looks like. :)

Not much of articulation but at least it now looks decent just like HGUC kits - which is the whole point of Monaka build. :p

Yea I know. It's been a very long time. Well many things happened - my family got expanded and we moved to house and etc. Anyhow here's my latest take on the so called "Monaka Gunpla Build" technique. It's popularized by the Model Graphix article on the same subject.

Itís the popular build method where the old Gunpla kits are modified to look more modern or close to the illustration. Reason why it's called Monaca is that the old Gunpla kits have the seam line right in the middle all the way from top to bottom, just like the Japanese snack, Monaka. (see the wiki link below for the photo)

They put out the compilation of articles in the mook as you can see in the below link. Check with Kinokuniya bookshop if you are in Sydney as they sometimes carries this and other related mooks.

Anyhow this kit is the old 1/144 MS-06Z Gunpla which a lot of gunpla modelers patiently waiting for the Bandai to release the retooled revision.

Ok. firstly here's the old kit in its full glory.
(The one with the cigarette pack is the OOB pic from

And then my take on this old Gunpla kit after the Monaca Gunpla building process. :p

Sure there are many areas that can be improved upon but I'm satisfied with this build. I do have the MS-06Z-2 aka MSN-01 kit unopened so who know what I will add/improve when I get around to build it as the Monaca Gunpla buid. :)

Mobile Suit Hangar / Lunar II Spec RGM-79L GM Light Armour
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:24:03 PM »
Like Jaburo produced RGM-79 based RGM-79L there's another version of GM Light Armour based on the Lunar II produced RGM-79. As the based GM units were slightly different the resulting GM Light Armour were also different as well.

Based on that info here's first mockup using the HGUC kits and few junk parts.

As you can see it's rough mock up and need some more changes.
Namely the shoulder needs to be changed as they do look like just bare inner frame with the armour removed.

Now it looks more likely. :)

With little bit more clean up it looks like very much near the painting stage.
Just few more spot detailing if I have time to tinker with...

Mobile Suit Simulator / Gunda: 0079 The War for Earth
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:52:55 AM »
While cleaning up I found this one.
I know Playstation got the NTSC-J release but haven't seen many Mac version and it's in English voice unlike Japanese voice with English subtitle in NTSC-J release. :P

And if you are wondering why this game is considered legendary see the YouTube - skip till you see Char in all his glory(?)

Officer's Bulletin / 1/100 Type 74 Hover Truck Resin Kit
« on: March 30, 2011, 09:00:41 AM »
Firstly I do not believe this is the copy of B-Club's same scale resin kit although I will need to dig up the B-Club kit to compare side by side.
According to my fading memory I got this off from a member in other forum when he had this kit on limited production run.
At that time I was looking for 1/100 kit and with the price it seemed to be good alternative to much more expensive B-Club kit.

Anyhow, somehow along the line I never had chance to do anything with this one but who knows one day it might come in handy for any of future diorama/vignette projects... ^ ^

As you can see the casting isn't best but as a background accessory in the diorama it should do fine - especially as the damaged piece~ ^ ^

Officer's Bulletin / Gunpla with Attitude
« on: January 10, 2011, 07:06:05 PM »





if you have one with the attitude please post as well!  ;D

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