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Mobile Suit Hangar / MG Jesta Squad WIP
« on: May 18, 2013, 11:33:43 PM »
With my Sinanju Stein finished, it's time to move on to the next big thing for me. I've been plotting it for awhile and ever since I did a triple Zaku-II build as a comission I really wanted to build my own squad of customized mobile suits. Since the Jesta just came out, is fantastic and cheap..I bought 4 and have decided to go a little crazy on them. So far I've only started on the high speed type, which will be rocking the Armed Armor weapons from the OVA Banshee.

The additional parts to the backpack are from a long since abandoned MG rezel normal type and the side skirts are from my ReZEL type-C, which at this point I'm just going to wind up picking for parts for various things as I see fit. The BS is pretty much set as to where it's going to go though there's a lot of blank space that I'll need to fill in somehow but the real problem area so far is finding a good spot to attach the VN. No matter where I put them on the arm they widen up the suit's stance because of how bulky the claws are but that's the only way I can attach them without interfering with the suit's access to it's beam saber. It's a tough cookie to crack, but so far so good so I'm sure I'll find a way to make it all work out for the best. Modwise this is all that will be getting done to it so once I figure out how to take this part on then it'll be ready for painting and I can start working on prepping Jestas 2-4. 2 is pretty much all thought out and I have a rough outline for 3 but 4 is as of yet even remotely mulled over.

First and foremost please PLEASE PICK ONE OPEN AND ONE NEWTYPE KIT! I was going to make multiple threads but frankly it's just too much clutter since two categories don't have any choosing to be done. Next, HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Sonar and HLJ for getting things in order and for providing such excellent prizes! After the voting is done I'll be PMing the winners to get so I can get their address to Sonar, so HLJ can send you your kit! In the event that one person wins two categories, they'll have their pick of which kit they'd like [there's only a little overlap, but I wanted to account for it] and the one they didn't choose will go to the runner up/other person.

Let's get to the entries!


Since this style had the most entries, the biggest prize is going here!


Wolfman X








Still gathering info on the winner for this one, but it's between TagrasticF91 [totaled in at 35 hours by his count] and Joe [who totaled in at 15 hours]! EDIT: Got the times from Tagrastic which means our winner for this category is JOE! Congrats!


Lupes - 10.75 hours
Shaid - 9.5-10 hours
Falldog -
It took me far too long to win any prices as I took my sweet time with everything lol

This means our winner for this category is SHAID! However, since voting for the other categories is still ongoing we'll have to wait a bit to see what's going on prize-wise.

Get voting folks! you have two weeks to get your word in on who's getting some sweet prizes!

The Catapult / MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka - Karaba Colors
« on: January 18, 2013, 12:55:45 PM »

Here it is, the latest and (debatably) greatest to date! The Nu ver. Ka was a really hyped up release and I'm really glad it came out during my holiday break from work, which meant I had nothing but free time to work on it. The end result is something I'm really happy with and I think once I get it set up together with my Karaba type Zeta Gundam it'll look really good! The kit is really impressive to begin with and I think the pink Zeta scheme gives it a little more flair than it's iconic black and yellow colors. I'm really proud of this one though and even though I forgot to include it's shield in any of the pictures it turned out just as stellar as the rest of the kit. I did Syd's Fin Funnel fix, which is how the funnels actually stay put when they're mounted on the backand if you're interested in that you can scope it out here. The GB over at GAF is still going strong until the end of March so if you want to go and see what many other talented builders are up to you can view that thread by following this link. Things are only just getting started and I'm proud to say I managed to be the first one done out of the large field of entrants! Keep your eyes peeled for my next projects, they're already done and getting their pictures taken. More pictures of the royal pinkness under the spoiler tags.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Catapult / MG Sinanju ver. Ka - Commission build
« on: December 09, 2012, 04:21:28 PM »
Did this one for the guy I also did the MG Banshee for. I was originally going to just paint the trim but I just hate to see this kit's potential go unrealized so I wound up doing all this work on it. Longtime GAF members know that this isn't my first tussle with this monster and that experience definitely helped when it came to building it again.

Very pleased with how the build turned out. All the colors worked together great and two-toning the rifle and power pipes wound up being a good life choice and the guy is really happy with the way it turned out. On the downside, a certain brand o paint that I used for the red chips easy as hell (as you can see in the picture with the thrusters, it's since been dusted off) and as an extra whammy it doesn't play nice with alclad ii topcoat like mr. color does and if you handle the red parts too much it has kind o a sticky feel to it. It doesn't leave fingerprints but I make it a point not to handle it much because of this (when combined with the chipping issue this is why there is no posing this kit for me). Still, he'll be able to set it how he likes and have no major issues.


Banner care of the ever-awesome zenma5ter!

The Nu Gundam ver. Ka is easily the biggest kit that we've seen this year (especially since there's no new PG kit) and since I haven't started a group build yet (GaiGun had the Unicorn GB and Busterbeam kicked off the PG Strike Freedom) I think it's high time I get on that. Considering most gunpla builders I know are all hot on the Nu I think it makes a perfect kit to do this with! For those of you just joining us, you can order the kit over at HobbyLink Japan! Best hurry because this kit is selling out fast in all of the popular places!

The deadline for ALL ENTRIES is the END OF MARCH. I've found that GBs with a countdown tend to be even more fun and push us as builders to create something amazing without taking 3 years (hello, PG Wing Zero). Winter may be upon us but I believe in everyone's ability to work around that to create something outstanding, of if you're really unable to paint the kit there are other categories that won't involve painting. We're really trying to make this something the majority of GAF can get in to! The actual deadline will become more concrete once HLJ starts shipping orders out, that way we don't wind up with some of us having considerably less time to build due to potential stock issues (it's already listed as backordered! whoa!).

Here's the Gundam Schemer app for the Nu ver Ka, wonderfully done up by the man himself, fury-s12. In his own words:

"...all ready to start your designing in the comfort of your web browser.
ive tried to get a balance of easy scheming and good color separation in the vain of the RG line, if you so desire, so theres about 150 separate color-able areas,about 30ish more then the delta plus version, the eagle eyed players will notice the coming soon, ive left the shading out of this version in an effort to get this edition out before the kit starts shipping (TODAY!!!), that will be added eventually.
Anyway get designing and then get painting! dont forget to save and share your designs."

In order to get as many folks involved with the GB as we can we've got a slew of different categories for entrants to compete in with their own set of rules.

A race between straight builders to see who can finish building the Nu Gundam fastest and have a simple straightbuild that exemplifies the basics of gunpla. OOB by nature, this one is for those of us who can't find the time or aren't comfortable painting kits! Fastest completed kit wins a prize, so don't break open the plastic the second you get it, we will need exif stamped pics of the runners still in their bags! Extra points for panel lines and decals. The builder with the shortest amount of time (as in, between exif stamped parts still in bags to exif stamped completed kit) between when their kit was started and when it's completed takes this one.


Everyone is eligible to enter that one. Just has to be completely assembled, properly denubbed, nicely photographed, and posed in a way that makes me think you are some sort of aesthetics demigod. Even if you're entering the open or newtype styles you can enter this as well. Consider this category a firestarter for those of us who are going to be painting our kits as well.


This is your standard fare for builds. You can do whatever you like for this category. Paint it in stock colors or your own custom colors, mod things here and there, do something outrageous with weathering or other building techniques. Anything goes here! Best in show wins it, as decided by YOU: GAF!

Wolfman X
Gundam Guy

Kit must be colored in the theme of one of Amuro's old mobile suits. Best execution of theme takes the pony. Multiple people can take a crack at the same colorscheme. Here are the suit/schemes eligible for this category:

  • RX-78-2 Gundam
  • RX-75 Guntank
  • RX-77-2 Guncannon
  • RX-78-3 G3 Gundam
  • RX-78-NT1 Gundam "Alex" (counting it since it was intended for him)
  • MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam [Karaba Air Force use]
  • MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus A1
  • MSK-008 Dijeh
  • RGZ-91 Re-GZ
  • RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundam

If any knows of any other official suits that have documentation of being piloted by or intended for Amuro, just let me know and I can add it to the list.

Karaba Air Force colors - Lupes
Hi-Nu colors - BabyTheEnd
Zeta Plus A1 colors - Shaid

Of course, nothing this monstrous is going to go without prizes! Sonar is the man on point with this and he is currently talking to the wonderful sponsors of GAF to see what we can get. In his own words:

Quote from: Sonar
It will be something like MG, RG, HG and we will aim for what's going to be released around the time of the GB conclusion so until release dates are confirmed I usually hold off on the prize announcements. Mystery prize/secret prizes to be revealed closer to GB close, but rest assured they'll be brand spanking new releases!

If you're still on the fence for one reason or another, taking a good hard look at Gaijin-Gunpla's awesome first look at this beast and get yourself off of that fence and in to the GB! With kits likely arriving within the next few days for everyone this GB is about to kick off with the force of a colony drop!

The Catapult / MG Astray Blue/Red Frame combination - Hayabusa ver.
« on: October 21, 2012, 01:49:39 AM »
Two kits in a few weeks? Maybe the world -is- going to end this December.

This kit was a fairly quick build thanks to the fact that the entire thing was built before I even got the idea for it in my head. The Blue Frame was sent to me by Syd when I was working on the Inferno Astray since buying replacement parts to build both shoulders would have cost almost as much as buying the kit new. Since I had Red Frame parts sitting around, I just swapped the shoulders in and modified the J1 part to allow for mounting the katana on the back. Since I'd been playing a lot of Ninja Gaiden lately I decided to color this up like the original badass, Ryu Hayabusa.

While the range of colors isn't very diverse, the blend of flat black, gloss black and chrome play off of each other very well. The gold on the weapons looks good and while I'm sure some will say the TA is gaudy as hell, the weapon I based it's colors off of is also incredibly showy. Overall, very pleased with this addition to my shelf and it'll look good next to the other finished kits.

The Catapult / PG Strike Freedom - Atonement
« on: October 14, 2012, 10:17:22 AM »
Round two with the big SOB is all done! Overall (as I've been saying each time I've posted this somewhere) I am MUCH happier with this build this time around than I was the first time. Now I really feel like I've done the Gauntlet of the Apocalypse justice! While I still need to build a base (as well as nab a violet LED from radioshack) so I can pose this thing better, there aren't many different poses for this because I REALLY don't want to damage the paint on anything this time around. With that said, enjoy! Below the first four pictures is a veritable deluge of shots of this thing.

To answer Sonar's comment about how I got the finish to be so dust-free..the trick is dust the hell out of everything before each layer of paint. ;)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Gundam Figures / Robot Damashii Wing Zero [Tv Ver.]
« on: July 06, 2012, 06:44:41 AM »
I've had the review done for this for a little bit but forgot to post it up here. Bandai is FINALLY acknowledging the TV designs with a series of Robot Damashii figures, the first of which is an very promising start to the line.

Having had plenty of time to play with it at this point, I can honestly say this figure is essentially flawless. You can read the full review here and check out a bunch more pictures to boot!

Nostalgic anime fans rejoice! The first of many Armor Plus Ronin Warriors reviews from yours truly was finished last night, so have a few teaser pictures from the full review.

You can see the review in it's entirety here, along with a whole boatload more pictures. I think the whole photoshoot took me a solid two hours thanks to how much these figures come packed with. You can expect the others to be posted eventually as well, since I've made it a point to collect all of them but it'll be broken up with reviews of other Super Robot Chogokin, D-arts and figma reviews.

Mobile Suit Hangar / PG Strike Freedom GB redux - Atonement
« on: July 02, 2012, 01:34:06 PM »
This is what I get for slacking at the tail end of something.

No doubt many users remember the big PG SF GotA GB last year that took place up until September. If you don't, the thread is here. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait for you.

Done? Good. I won't lie. At the time, I was just glad to be done with the build and make it in before the deadline. The last leg of the kit had been an exercise in frustration with chroming the wing frames over and over and over due to slight imperfections caused by particles getting in to the paint (my airbrush was in serious need of a complete cleaning that I didn't know how to give it at the time) and horrible marring caused by overspraying and the thinner in the clear color ruining the chrome. Not to mention the blues were off in a few areas on the wings in terms of hue and the middle and lower part of the chest turned out rough and suffered from some seriously atrocious scratching.

All in all, the fire died out at the end. I didn't even paint the white on the kit and simple put the stickers on it and called it good. Even worse was the the chrome on the wing's frame had gotten smudged over time from posing the wings and I was so fed up with messing with it that I just let it be. Fast forward to months later and I'm utterly sick of looking at the wasted potential of the kit.

I'm a better builder than this. Something like this at this scale deserves better from me.

Take everything off, redo the entire frame. The Hi-Nu concept was hit or miss, it got mistaken for ANA colors a lot. No more odd green bit son the shoulder and thighs, let's go with what we know works. Gold for the sliding bits to accentuate the chrome frame. Make sure no area goes untouched. No ugly blank spots this time around, unlike last time where the ankle pistons had been left untouched and were the disgusting stock barf yellow color. But what colors? I wanted to keep a faint nod to the original and not completely abandon what has become somewhat of a trademark color for me.

Purple brings it home and it's not a color you see often. It worked great on V-Dash so let's really show it off this time around. Add a little more gold on some details to make everything pop so it doesn't all blend in to itself like it did before. How did I stand to leave the vulcan tips on the head unpainted last time? That didn't even go with anything. A little coat of clear purple over the cameras and eyes will really give it pop once I add the violet LED to the head.

And here's where we stand now. Painting the white is frustrating as it could possibly be- especially now that summer is here in full swing. But I'll be patient and wait til dusk when I can paint the whites proper, because I'm going to atone for phoning it in on the end of such a big GB.

The Catapult / MG Banshee: Commission build
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:08:40 PM »
Relatively quick and easy build, this would have been done even faster if I didn't clean up weapons from an old Unicorn kit to give it the novel weapons. The Unicorn mode pictures are obviously before I put the decals on and finished the thruster bells but I didn't want transform it back to Unicorn after finishing things just to make sure nothing got damaged.

Main armor: Phthalo Cyanne Blue mixed with black
Frame: Gray FS36801
Psychoframe: Metallic Gold (#9)
Horn/Collar/Mask: Alclad II pale gold

Someone said the novel weapons look like clay, but I disagree. The gray is the same as the frame so I feel like it's fitting to use that as the weapon color.

The Catapult / HG 'Exousia' Astraea
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:27:44 AM »

Long overdue, but I finally finished this little number.

I'm really pleased with how the Full Saber turned out since by default it's just a bunch of blue plastic.

On the downside, that peg where the full saber is attached and to a lesser extent where the buster sword clips on is doomed to be a little scuffed forever. :( But, considering no one is ever going to see that under normal circumstances I'll just have to deal with it.

Overall, pretty pleased with this one. Maybe I'll look in to doing something similar with a S2-era Gundam 00 kit...

The Catapult / RG RX-78-2 [White Unicorn colors]
« on: June 13, 2012, 04:03:59 PM »

This thing has been an absolute labor of love the entire way through and I'm glad I've finally managed to wrap up it's photoshoot. I'd liked to have taken more pictures but I'm extremely wary of the leg joint on this thing since I've had to repair it at least three times.

A full page along with the modifications made can be found at the blog. Thanks for viewing!

Officer's Bulletin / Plea for Pixie
« on: June 10, 2012, 11:26:40 PM »
Longtime gunpla friend Martin Wandering has been working on recreating the cast of the SNES Cross Dimension 0080 game for quite a long time- but he's managed to get the four Wolfgar Zaku IIs done in outstanding fashion. All that's left to finish is the RX-78XX Pixie Gundam but the B-Club conversion (for the RX-79[G]) has long since become nigh impossible to find.

That's where you guys come in. Hobbyfan has a recast of the kit and we only need three more orders before production will begin on the kit and Martin can finish off a labor of love. Of course, there's a little something in it for those who help out- Martin and I will both give a 5$ gift vocher at GGInfinite to the first person who places an order with Hobbyfan and sends us a screenshot of the Order Confirmation from Hobbyfan.

If you can, spread the word! With only 3 orders left to go, I'm sure we can rally enough interest to get these kits produced.

The Catapult / MG Wing Gundam [TV Ver.]
« on: May 25, 2012, 02:36:54 PM »

Aaaaand that's one kit done this year. Maybe I'll finish up the FA Unicorn before 2013 hits, eh?

Full gallery here.

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