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It's finished! I present:
RGM-78CBG - GM Type CBM - Defenser Boost Equipment

The GM Type CBM is a high mobility strike/assault mobile suit designed to get to a target as fast as possible and do a large amount of damage in as short a period as possible.

I'm mostly happy with it. Turns out I don't have many decals suitable for a dark-tone kit. There's a few flaws on the kit that weren't that obvious until it was photographed under bright sunlight, and are even more obvious in the photos. Oh well.

I hope you enjoy it!
RGM-78CBG - w/Defenser Boost Unit:

RGM-78C Base suit:

RGM-78CG - Ground deployment variant:

Thanks for viewing!

Mechachat / Koto D-Style G1 Optimus Prime
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:30:40 PM »
I'll just leave this here.

Mecha & Other Figures / Arcadia 1/60 YF-19 Transformable Figure
« on: October 09, 2013, 03:43:40 PM »
After Yamato went belly up, this hitherto-unknown company called Arcadia appeared (with the same CEO and everything, who would've thought!?) with the Macross license. I'm sure they're not related to Yamato in any way ;)

They're releasing a mostly new tooling of the YF-19 from Macross Plus (my first non-Robotech anime experience, back as a impressionable high-schooler).

Been waiting for this release to hit preorder stage! Guess what; preorders are up for this baby in the usual places.

The price? ~30,000Y.
$320+shipping. eff, sorry Arcadia. I think I left the key to my diamond mine in my other pants.


It's done! I'm calling it the Nu Plus. It's a Zeta Plus A1 colour scheme inspired Nu Gundam, with the backpack from a MG ReZEL Commander-type kit.

This is my contribution to Lupes' Nu Gundam ver. Ka Gauntlet.

Build notes:
  • You'll notice I've left the armour off half the arms and legs. Not (just) because I'm lazy - for a bit there I wasn't going to put armour on at all. I did the whole frame in metallic silver, with gold highlights and the green psycho frame parts. It looked a bit special.
  • I was surprised at how well the Nu backpack fit inside the back of the ReZEL Commander-type backpack. Came up better than I expected.
  • Armour is painted in Mr Color Flat White (+ a bit of gray for the colour variations) and two different Tamiya Acrylic Flat Red and Yellow mixes for the oranges. All paints were thinned with Tamiya Lacquer thinner (yes, lacquer, not acrylic. Everyone should try this - just make sure you've got great ventilation).
  • Shield was masked up and painted in red and white. I just don't like how it looks on the kit, so I've left it out.

A big thank you to Lupes for organising the group build, and as always, a massive thankyou to Sonar and everyone in the GAF community.


And finally, a comparison with the source material

There's a whole bunch more pictures on my very neglected blog. Go look!

Here's my entry for the Grunt MS Group Build Challenge #4 - Open Category

RGM89D-LR Jegan ECOAS BFG-type

This particular suit is piloted by an Ace who's likes gold, and is very happy to lob munitions at the enemy from a distance. He's not fond of close-combat, and only carries his shield as it's one more place he can have 'shiny gold things' on.

1x HG 1/144 Jegan ECOAS type.
2x Stark Jegan shoulder weapon mounts
1x Stark Jegan Anti-Ship missle launcher
1x ECOAS special issue long-range smart beam cannon. (The kitbashed shoulder mounted BFG)
1x Geara Zulu head
1x Random space planetoid surface fragment as a base
(Plus a few seams and so forth that the camera wasn't too kind on.)

I didn't actually think I'd get this entry finished. As of two days ago it was only cut from sprues and separated.
My favourite part is the BFG. The base is thanks to my wife deciding he'd look cool standing on some rubble.
Some of the weathering looks odd in the photos, too. Oh well.

Anyway, it's photo time! Enjoy!




Weapon closeup


Foot and base closeups

Hey all,

Just because I can, I thought I'd join in my own GBEX! Obviously I'm not able to win any prizes, but I'm going to build a kit for it anyway.

I'll be making a MG ReZEL in Titans livery.

Here's the in box photo, without a timestamp 'cause I don't need to. (My phone doesn't let me add them either...)

You might notice I've got green translucent bits in my ReZEL. I stole them from the Commander type. Green fits the Titan colours better.

This should be fun!

EDIT: 3000th topic on the forum? Why not!

Times have changed...

Shattered Century
The Grunt MS Group Build:Ex Challenge #3

Youíre a lucky pilot. All the other pilots hate you. You don't mind. You get all the fun. You get to pilot a suit that has been stolen from your enemy. Or from an enemy you've never met...
That abandoned Cold Districts GM was just sitting there, waiting for a new pilot. A daring clandestine raid on the Anaheim Electronics Research Division netted you a few Zeta Plus C1s for the Zeon army. Stolen plans allows your AEUG factories to produce shiny new Geara-Dogasí. Rewrite the history books!

The competition time for Grunt MS Group Build:Ex Challenge #3 is over! A big round of applause for all the great entries!
Results will be announced Sunday night.

The challenge:

Your challenge? Take any grunt suit from the UC timeline. Then give it to the other team.

Your grunt suit MUST be built as a member of any U.C. faction APART from its actual U.C. faction. Basically, a Federation suit should be built as a Zeon suit, and vice-versa. The faction you build it for DOES NOT have to be from the same period of the U.C. timeline. This means the Titans could be fielding a blue/orange ReZEL, or Neo Zeon could be rocking a nice new RX-79[G]. Or maybe the Zeon Remnants could get some Balls...

Because of the nature of this build, and the difference in outcomes based on a builder's skill, there are two judging categories:

General - OOB/Snap builders
Can't paint your kits due to various reasons? Not interested in painting even if you could? This category is for you! Due to what this build is about, you'll have to do some extra things, though!

Your kit must have some connection to a faction other than the original. Weapons, decals/stickers, or even random spare parts from the new faction's other suits. Grunt suits do need repairing at times. Who doesnít want to see a RX-178 with a Zaku IIís head? The factories back at home are low on parts, and your Hi-Zack needed new legs; so why not salvage that Guntank? Please note that this is still a grunt suit build, and keep additions to parts from other grunt suits.

Assembled out-of-box.
Decals/stickers or accessories from the new faction's armoury to show it's 'changed sides'.

Allowed extras:
Clear coats.
3rd party addon sets - (Kotobukiya weapon sets, HiQ metal thrusters)

Not allowed:
(any of these will push you into the Painters/Customisers category)
Scratch building.
Weathering / battle damage.

Judging guidelines:
I want to see some well-built OOB grunts here, but more importantly Iím looking to see how clever you can be with your customisations.

Advanced - Painters/Customisers
Got 12 airbrushes primed and ready? Enough plasticard to build a house? Yeah, me too!
This category is the real thing. I want to see how much you can make me believe your kit is from the faction of your choice.

Custom painted suit in the colours of a  U.C. faction of your choice. See Rule 4 for more information.

Allowed extras:
Anything. Your build can be painted and coated, all the way through to a weathered, trashed  scratch built monstrosity. Just keep in mind these are meant to be grunt suits. Other than that, itís open slather.

Judging guidelines:
This one is all about creativity! Go nuts on your suit. Iím judging based on both the quality of the work, and the creativity of the work. Surprise me!

The good bit:
There will be a first place and a second place for each category. There is also a prize pool of four prizes. Winners will be able to choose a prize from the pool in the following order:

Winner - Advanced Category
Winner - General category
Runner up - Advanced Category
Runner up - General category

Whatís in the prize pool?
MG RMS-108 Marasai -  thanks to Shaid
MG GATX-102 Duel Gundam - thanks to Sonar
a set of Sinanju or Unicorn Decals and a 20% off voucher - thanks to GenteiKits

The Marasai is confirmed, as Iím donating it. ;) The other prizes will be revealed as soon as theyíre confirmed. Trust me, though, theyíre good prizes.

(Thanks to thegunny for allowing me to shamelessly steal from his rules. He did such a good job writing the rules and requirements that Iím not going to reinvent the wheel.)

Start date: 7am (0700) Friday the 8th of June 2012 [AEST]
Finish date: 11pm (2300) Monday the 23rd of July 2012 [AEST]

1. Entries must be based on a Bandai or B-Club kit. Any scale/grade is allowed. If you want to repaint a PG kit I won't stop you; just remember this is a 6 week build. Resin conversions from B-Club are also allowed. Limited non-genuine plastic, metal or resin parts such as weapons, heads, hands, shields, nozzles or other small parts are allowed. If in doubt, ask. Scratch building is allowed as are the use of any type of decals (itís hard to find official Bandai decal sets sometimes). As there are a multitude of pirated B-Club kits around these days if you plan on using some B-Club parts or kits please include pictures of the box top as mentioned in rule 4.

2. Allowable entries. Models must have appeared at some point in the Universal Century timeline. The suit MUST be considered a grunt suit. Generally, this will mean itís classified as a ďMass ProductionĒ suit. If in doubt, ask!
The suit MUST be built as a member of a U.C. faction OTHER THAN ITS ORIGINAL FACTION. Variants of grunt suits are also allowed, even those that may not have appeared in kit form. But for those contemplating scratch building a rare grunt variant, Iíve included thegunnyís comments on scratch building from Grunt:EX2, and I will be following his standards in the judging of scratch builds.

While it's nice to see some unusual MS being chosen you have to remember this is only a (6 week) build. I'm not sure how much scratch building experience all of you intrepid souls have but some of the chosen subjects IMHO would push the skills of seasoned scratch builders.

I'm not trying to put a downer on your enthusiasm but you are putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage to those who are going to do a stock kit. I will be researching all the chosen scratch builds and I'll say right now that close enough is not good enough. If they do not accurately represent your chosen subject they will not fare well in the judging.

As I have said I don't want to hit you with a cold spoon while you're all excited   but I also don't want to see anyone biting off more than they can chew and coming away from this challenge feeling pissed off and let down, so I'd ask all the scratch builders to carefully consider their entry and if you truly feel you can deliver than go for it   otherwise switch to a tried and true kit and go to town on it.

3. Allowable techniques. Please see the definitions of Requirements and Allowed Extras for the two categories specified earlier in the post. On top of that the basic building techniques are completely open. Glue, nub removal, panel lining, scribing, and panel washes, and clear coats are allowed in both categories, as well as 3rd party detail sets/weapons..

4. The dirty details on faction changes. The faction you build your grunt for is completely up to you. It must, however, not be the suits original faction. For the General category, youíre obviously not going to be changing the suits colour scheme. Equipment/decals/markings are the easy way for a faction change here. For the Advanced category the colour scheme must be one that was used by the faction youíre building it for, and it has been used on a grunt suit. If in doubt, ask!
Whatís a faction? Hereís some examples: The Earth Federation (EFSF/EFGF), The Principality of Zeon, AEUG, Titans, NeoZeon, so forth. Iím also going to point this out here: I consider Londo Bell to be a faction all on its own, and not part of the Earth Federation.
The faction you choose doesnít need to be from the same period of the U.C. As examples: You can do a U.C.79 Zaku II in the ReZELs colours, and you can do a JEGAN as a EFGF Guntank (or vice-versa...) if you want. One note on this, though, is that you MUST change the colour scheme for the suit if youíre doing an Advanced Entry. Iím after creativity here, folks!

5. Entry requirements. To be considered as an entrant you must make a post in the Grunt MS Group Build:Ex Challenge #3 Ė Shattered Universe thread including the kit you will be building, what faction (and faction colours if applicable) it will be built in, and at least one photo of the kit sometime between the start & finish times. The photo must show the kit before any work is done and it must have a timestamp no earlier than 7AM (0700) Friday the 8th of June 2012 [AEST]. Feel free to post more as your build progresses. If you wish to keep your choice of faction to yourself, but arenít sure itís a valid choice, you can send me a PM.
Once you have finished as with the previous challenges please start a new topic in the Mobile Suit Hanger showcasing your finished kit as outlined in rules 6 & 7. Your final presentation must be posted no later than 11PM (2300) Monday 23rd of July 2012 AEST.

6. Presentation. Finished kits can be presented as stand alone figures or in a vignette (no full blown dioramas). Stands may be used to display the figure. There are some good Bandai stands around but there are also pretty good stands from other manufacturers as well. As an example of a stand you could use the Zeon or Federation Bandai action base. If you wish to do a small scene (vignette) you could for example use the Kotobukiya Chain Bases to depict repairs or re-arming. If you are going to do a vignette just remember they are only intended to be a small scene that complements the centre piece. No Cecil B DeMill productions of Ben Hur. For example if you choose to use a chain base then make it only one panel wide by one panel high. Judging of results will be focused on the suit itself. Bases might get you a few bonus points, but itís the suit itself that is the important part.

7. Photgraphs. As the final products will be judged from photographs I feel that a few guidelines need to be in place. This is not a photography contest so no Photoshop trickery will be tolerated. You may resize and colour correct and that is it. No fancy titles, names, fades, light effects on weapons, lens trickery to hide a poorly made model, nothing! Please photograph the model against a plain background as to prevent the background from distracting the model. If you wish to present your model AFTER the judging has been completed with a bit of photo trickery thatís fine but if any shopping is detected in photos submitted for judging apart for what was mentioned above then the entry will not be judged. Also do not include any props in the photos that are not part of your finished entry. As a minimum requirement you must submit 4 shots of your finished model; front, back, left & right sides. Minimum resolution is 1000 pixels high bearing in mind that if you choose to use the forum based attachments the pictures can be no bigger than 3200x1800 to avoid any problems with displaying the images. Feel free to highlight any mods, assembly or painted effects you have done with extra close ups.

8. Points arising from previous builds.
  • A. As this is a group build all kits must be started on or after the start date of Friday the 8th of June 2012. As part of the build requirements at least one date stamped picture must be posted in the build thread showing the kit before you start building it.
  • B. As this is an Australian forum all times and dates are in AEST. There are plenty of websites that can convert AEST to whatever time it is in any other country.
  • C. The closing time is just that, the closing time. If you wish to keep your entry close to your chest and not post it until the death knock thatís up to you but if you experience difficulties in uploading your entry and the difficulties are not forum related and you miss the deadline then bad luck.  
  • D. My say on allowed kits and whether something is a valid faction is final. If I say you canít enter with a build of a Ball as Charís personal mobile suit (as cool as that would be), then you canít build it. Donít try to convince me otherwise.

If youíre in doubt about any part of the rules, ask! I mightíve missed some important things.

Shaid: MG ReZEL ver. Titans. Not eligible for prizes.
thegunny: Apparently it's a Zaku or something. Not a Titus. Sad...
Epimethius: RB-79 Ball.
flamingeyebrows: A NeoZeon Sleeves GM Cannon II
Solo: HG RGM-79C GM Type C - ZEON'd
potchip: MG Acguy. Freddie trial and evaluation unit.
zenma5ter:  HGUC GM II ver. Sleeves
QuangVuong: RB-79 Ball.
Wavehawk: Zee Zulu in Federation Desert Camo.
zahmad: AMX-107 Bawoo Mass Production type.
randmness: Probably kitbashing!
fury-s12: SD ZakuII Federation style.
thepuddingcup: Might've been a Bawoo.
Yami: MG Marasai Karaba-styles.
Zeta-Newtype: Something.
PGOD: A secret. Who had pink grunt suits, anyway? ;)
Garret Masterson: An EFF Z'Gok. A F'Gok?

The Grunt MS Group Build:Ex Challenge #3 Ė Shattered Century has begun!
Good luck everyone!

Sergeant Harry Buckworth strode into the mess-hall, "Reedy, how's my suit? It better be finished or what're you eatin' for?"
Donald Reidman, Engineer First Class, sighed and dropped his fork. "It's in better condition than this swill, that's for sure."
"A trashed Ball is better than that ish you're eating."
"Yeah, maybe it'll evolve into a meal while I'm gone. Come on, Buck, I'll take you to see your baby. She's in Hanger 17."

"Next time you run into a Zaku, Buck, you want to use your shield to block? That heat hawk trashed all the servos and connections in the left arm, it's not salvageable."
"You ever tried aiming a cannon and holding a shield at the same time, Reedy? It's eff'n hard."
"I better warn you. We had to make a few, uh, modifications to your suit."
"What KIND of modifications?"
"You know we're low on spares. The left arm is gone. We've modified the shield to mount on your right arm."
"Damn it Reedy, it's hard enough to aim a cannon with two arms!"
"We've sorted that out for you. You wont even need to lug around the storage container anymore."
"I don't know if I like the sound of this."
"Just wait, you'll see. I think you'll like it."

Buck turned to Reidman as they stepped inside the hanger.
"You know, Reedy, I've always wondered what you guys keep in the hanger next door? There's all sorts of rumours about it. ish about little men and all that..."
Buck froze as he saw his suit.
"Well, what do you think?"
Buck's mouth spread into an evil grin.
"I love it."
Buck slapped Reidman on the back.
"One thing though."
"Yeah, Buck?"
"You better've kept the arm. I've got an idea..."

Note: For those of you who use the "View recent posts" function, this post has attached images. It's not just a random bit of ish prose. ;)

Non-Gundam R&D / SA-17 Rapiere [Kotobukiya Frame Arms]
« on: September 06, 2011, 08:46:27 PM »
SA-17 Rapiere

Year released: Feb 2011
Release number: Frame Arms 007
Size & weight: 31.1cm x 19.2cm x 11.0cm - 580g
Approx cost: $35-45
Origin: Kotobukiya's Frame Arms series

The Catapult / Redemption - PG Strike Freedom - Gauntlet of the Apocalypse
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:03:59 PM »
Hi all,

As you've probably all seen, there was a PG Strike Freedom group build. I got my hands on a decent camera, so here are some better photos.

@Gaigun - This one's for you. He fell over right after I took this. Heavy wings are heavy.

It's a pain how many little flaws a macro lens brings out...  :'(

I'm still thinking of doing a panel wash...

Click for the full gallery:

Hey everybody,

As the topic says; my brother is looking to sell off what's left of his backlog, as he has a daughter now and hasn't got the time to build these, or the space to keep them. I obviously offered to look after* them for him, but he wants cash.  :'(

* I.E. I'd build them.

Prices are pretty much just an original JPY value -> AUD conversion. Shipping will be extra, and at buyer's cost. Shipping will be from Melbourne, Australia.
Buyer should post in this thread AND send me a PM.

EDIT: 04/10/2011 - PRICES DROPPED. Now 15% off (give or take a little)! Just like the AUD. >_>

Here we go!
1/100 Gundam Dynames $28 $23 - on hold

1/100 Gundam Exia $28 $23 - on hold

1/100 Gundam Virtue $50 $40

1/144 HG Ginn Type High Maneuver 2 $18 $15

1/400 NZ-333 Alpha-Azieru $60 $50

1/72 VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie $35 $28

1/72 VF-1S Valkyrie $30 $24

1/144 Super Robot Wars R-2 Powered $45 $35

Non-scale Super Robot X-Type (SRX) $40 $32

MS Upgrades / HobbyLink Japan and Social Networking plugin issues
« on: August 13, 2011, 03:38:48 PM »
Hey gang,

Anyone else using Chrome and finding that the product listing pages on HLJ are awfully slow to use after they appear to have loaded?
I was! Then I found out why: the facebook Like button on each product. It causes HLJ to make an API call to the Facebook website for each product on the page.

How to fix it: Block the plugin, somehow. How'd I do it? The Chrome addon Disconnect.
This extension prevents the Like button from loading.

"Okay, Shaid, I did this ish, and it's still slow?" Well, that's the Google Plus plugin doing that. Just block it aswell. I find it's not too bad to keep running, Facebook is the big killer.

Also, Firefox doesn't appear to have this problem. Additional disclaimer: No one else might have this issue in Chrome either, it might just be me. Though it was happening on my Mac (eww) at work and my PC at home. /shrug

@GaijinGunpla: Don't know if you're able to, but would you be able to pass something onto your webteam at HLJ about how they're using the Facebook plugin? Maybe ask them to investigate if there's a better way to do it. It can cause issues with the browser due to the sheer number of connections it asks the browser to make to Facebook. Possibly use json or ajax to do it as a delayed asynchronous action instead of a direct load. Or let me know who to contact about it, and I can write them a more detailed image. Also, it only affects Chrome, really.

Hey gang,

We've all got one. That kit you bought aeons ago, but never built. Sitting in your pile. Daring you to ignore it some more. Begging you to build it. Crying softly to itself at night, out of loneliness.

What's mine?


I loved the look of this kit. So I preordered it. Unfortunately the poor guy was overshadowed by something else that shipped in the same box as him. Which just happened to be the PG Wing Zero Custom. So, Zeegokie is still unbuilt. Now I'll feel bad the day I do actually build it. It's kind of my security gunpla. If nothing else, he'll still be here, waiting to be built. Though, uh, not soon. For no real reason...


And that's mostly stacked two kits deep, too.

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