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The sound of a gauntlet being thrown down is causing one horseman to stir in his slumber....


First up, awesome job to everyone.  There has been some amazing work and synergy shown here over the last few months, and I truly do feel sorry that I couldnít have participated more in everything.  While Iíve been given an indefinite deferment in light of the birth of my son and everything surrounding that, Iíve been with you guys in spirit throughout the build.  Thanks as well for all the kind words and consideration in light of the situation.

That said, this group build has seen some level raising and amazing work.  When I stop by to check and see where everyone is, Iím blown away by the quality of the builds, paint jobs, and concepts used.  The cool thing about a group build is that everyone is on the same level, no one is better than the others, there is no one winner.  We are all winners here, whether we were down in the MS hanger working on our variants, or if weíre just supporting from the sidelines.  The support this time around was superb as well, with news reels, YouTube clips, and more.  To be honest, while we talk about the Sinanju GBP as legend now, I think itís been eclipsed easily this time.  For the old Gunplar legends, you have shown that even old dogs learn new tricks, and for the new legends, welcome to the fold.

While looking at everyoneís variants, and the quality of work put into the kits, it certainly does want me to break out the kit and jump into it.  Iíve got the paint, and the ideas and the goods.  But at the same time, Iím now actually afraid to line up with my fellow brethren as they have put together a slew of variants that all deserve to be seen in upcoming contests. Iíve already told GaiGun to enter Courage in the Bandai Gunpla Grand Prix.  If that doesnít make it to the semi-finals at least, I will lose faith in the Japan block. 

In the end though, there are so many people that I donít know where to comment:

Buster Ė Thanks for taking the gauntlet and lighting the fire and bringing it all to an epic down to the draw close.  Awesome work with the gradation and bringing a sword to a mega particle beam fight is how we all like to roll.

GaiGun Ė Weíve talked about this quite a bit, so you know where I stand.  Courage is simply one of the best concepts Iíve seen in Gunpla ever, with near perfect execution.  Weíve both dealt with the reasoning behind courage for the last six months, and thatís what makes it ever more special.

Lupes Ė That blue is just amazing, youíve definitely shown us the next level in painting.  I canít stop looking at the pics there, and I canít imagine how many parts you must have come through to get everything perfect. 

Falldog Ė As Buster said, you were at the finish line when we were just getting started, but your scheme is simply golden.  To be honest, I love the usage of the black, and I almost had to reconsider my own scheme because you showed how good it can be done, and I donít think I can come even close.

Shaid Ė Solid color scheme, and to be honest, I would have loved to see you take the W-Zero wings and run with that ;)

And overall, to everyone that I may have missed or supported, and all the Gunplars:  Good job, お疲れ and enjoy some R&R, youíve earned it.

I really canít say more than that, Iím proud just being part of an amazing group of talent.

Buster, I actually appreciate you coming out and letting us know how things stand.  That actually makes things easier for me, because I'm somewhat in the same boat.  Rather than make excuses, I'm just going to be honest and say that work, pregnant wife, and now new born has not made it easy to find the motivation as well as the time needed to do the painting. 

I really don't know when I'll get the chance to paint too because I want to be careful around my son, I don't have the wide open space that folks abroad or GaiGun has, and so I don't want him inhaling or smelling paint by accident.  That's not just for the PGSF, but for any other kits I was thinking about painting at this point... 

I guess what I'm saying is, we'll see where these last 2 weeks take me, but I'm afraid I can't make any promises yet.

General Discussion / Re: GAF vs Japan: Salaryman & Sonar Smash Osaka!
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:21:50 PM »
pantless federation maids



ummm this sounds like something I need to check out.  I need more info!
Psst...Hey.....You know what's better than pantless feddy maids?

Pantless Zeon Maids in Zero-G....think about it.... *Disappears, sabotage complete*

Well, my dirty mind apparently put a "y" in the the word before feddy maids... too bad that style of cafe apparently went down with the bubble.

Had a hell of a busy May, and so have not been able to keep up at all lately.  I finally get a breather and stop back to check up and you guys just fricking blow me away! 

Where to start?

Random, amazing banners man, I donít know what to say than just that, amazing.  Me and Gaigun finally got back on COD when the PSN was restored and the first thing he says to me is ďman did you see Randomís banners?Ē Yeah, and I was blown away.

NTZ Ė After coming back after being blown away by Randomís awesomeness, I then read the blog and then saw the breaking news type photos.  Long story short, consider me blown away again.  Seriously, you guys are amazing. 

Everyone else whoís coming along farther than me, amazing.  Seriously, my heart gets all proud and stuff and it makes me want to go home and start working on my PGSF right now.  Iím hoping I will be able to get started this month, but due to a variety of reasons, I probably wonít be painting and what not till later next month.  As is, the bar has been set incredibly high, and I need to bring my full game to this. 

But let me say this.  Reading this thread has made me proud to be a Gunplar. I salute you all.

General Discussion / Re: GAF vs Japan: Salaryman & Sonar Smash Osaka!
« on: June 06, 2011, 03:39:07 PM »
pantless federation maids



ummm this sounds like something I need to check out.  I need more info!

To be honest, I couldnít have written it better.  I about busted out laughing when I saw the pictures, damn awesome work there.  I love the shot of me mixing our six pack of rum & cokes with my laser beam eyes.

Seriously thought, it was an awesome night, and again, it was great to meet up with a like mind and find out even how much more we have in common in our offline personas as well.  We will have to do some inter-dimensional warping or something to get Gaiking Sky Dragon (lol) out to Osaka the next time you are here.

Seriously though folks, the line work on that RG was exquisite, and we definitely oohed and ahhed over it at the bar.  As Great Mazinger said though, getting that thing to stand up with the Aile Pack takes a miracle that two people going from 0 to drunk in 20 bucks just canít produce.

From there, the Zeon Officerís Club just rocked.  I mean, you walk in and people arenít batting an eye when you start talking kits, suits, annoying characters, and everything and anything related to Gundam.  Not only was the Master awesome in English and friendly, the other patrons in the Zeon lounge were friendly and quick to offer up their favorite kits.  The Masterís favorite Zeon kit?  The Gouf.  One of the patrons?  The Gogg. Wow.  Talk did swing around to favorite series and someone said 08th MS Team, which lead to the DVD being put on, and straight to seeing the Gouf Custom kick ass.

But as the clock did start inching closer to midnight we decided to call it a night, but we suddenly remembered things.  1) Its Friday night and 2) even more importantly, itís Great Mazingerís last Friday night in Japan (for a while).  So we took that last train to a favorite place of mine and continued the drinking party until around 3 AM I think?  Thatís a much as I can say at this point, although I would love to see what heads GK would put on the pictures taken at the after party.

Now I will say this, the man can drink, and hide the drunkness well, because I was getting pretty blurry at the end but he kept going.  Saturday was definitely a I do not want to get out of bed at all day, so suffice it to say, and GKís mail proves it, Iím happy I didnít have to fly on an 8 hour flight with two mini-GKs, and a not so pleased Mrs. GK.  

But we both know that when the ground shakes as the titans announce a battle of imbibement, we must answer the call, come heaven or hell.  For the rewards shall surely empower us to fight those daily demons and stand proud for our cause.

Random,  hotness on the banner.  Not to be selfish, but could I get a w240xh180 one? 
I love how the banner looks man, seriously, it's like a move poster practically.  I can't stop but smile at the "Gauntlet of the Apocalypse" theme.

On the wing fix, I did the ring fix, and totally forgot to send Buster his rings, sorry bro.  Will drop some in the mail this week.  I did a ish job on the puttying around the ring though, so it looks like an explosion of whitish putty around there.  Got to fix it up for sure.  I'll probably get started sometime in June though, I'm trying to finish up the PG GP01 before going back to the PGSF. 

Lupes, know what you mean on the chest jutting thing.  Unfortunately the notched peg in the waist doesn't do much from keeping the torso from eventually leaning backwards due to weight...

and someone needs to come and bust out some awesome PS skills so we can get banners for the GB of all shapes and sizes!

First off, I didn't post it in my joining the gb post but, Falldogy, your PGSF is amazing looking.  My initial idea had be black/red until I heard about and saw your beauty.  I read your follow up too on your blog, I agree quite wholeheartedly with your conclusions.

Also, Kman, really really nice decals, did you make them yourself?

My fellow Gunplar of the Apocalypse has called, and I have ridden to join my brothers in this noble cause.

Flight Data - GB Archive / Re: MG ReZEL Group Build Anyone
« on: January 06, 2011, 11:50:24 AM »
Happy New Years all! 

All thatís left is just decals and panel lining, which Iím not sure Iíll do at this point, but I am for all intents and purposes done for the time being.

The only downside is that I seemed to have lost the tiny V that goes on the cod piece there, so I may just putty something in.  In other news I actually had major breakage of the lower torso armor when trying to take it off, thankfully it doesnít show up in the pictures depending on how I take them.  Iím getting a replacement part so Iíll replace it down the line.

Overall impressions on my land/air use ReZel is that well.. it really does look like the rocky road of ReZelís doesnít it?  I was fairly impressed by the brown, but itís a lot of brown huh.  But the dark red looks gorgeous and thatís a color Iím going to have to use again down the line. 

Other thoughts is that transformation is pretty much a no-go after painting.  Considering how tight some of the chest pieces come together, I see damage happening already if trying to move things around, so my ReZel is staying in mobile suit mode.

Lastly, I really like how the ReZel looks actually without the backpack/thrusters/wings thing.  Dunno, just I think it looks better that way without the towering centeral vernier or whatever over itís head.

Freya, Iím liking that color scheme.  Tron ReZel?

Lupeís, that AB work is looking nice!  Looking forward to the finished product.

Flight Data - GB Archive / Re: MG ReZEL Group Build Anyone
« on: December 26, 2010, 03:58:58 AM »
Merry Christmas all! 

Flight Data - GB Archive / Re: MG ReZEL Group Build Anyone
« on: December 21, 2010, 10:45:46 AM »
Started putting stuff together last night.  Looks like I'll need to do some touch ups on a few pieces, especially the insdie of the giant wing binders as they are more visible than I thought they would be, as well as painting the few bits and pieces of the inner armor that show, but it's coming together well. 

Flight Data - GB Archive / Re: MG ReZEL Group Build Anyone
« on: December 20, 2010, 11:19:19 AM »
looking good there Lupes!

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