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Title: Gunpla in Canberra
Post by: Freedom on June 14, 2014, 03:58:56 PM
Hi there i'm just a newbie and have just got my second kit, just letting people in Canberra know that you can get Gunpla kits from Toyworld in Fyshwick i picked up a 1/100 MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode for $109 they just got their first order in a few weeks ago and from what the guys have been saying they have been selling really well. So please if any people in canberra go to Toyworld in Fyshwick and show how much you love Gunpla by buying from them :)
Title: Re: Gunpla in Canberra
Post by: shadow298 on June 15, 2014, 01:03:33 PM
Impact Comics in Civic might still get gunpla in.
Dee's comics in Belco used to get random ones but might order them if asked nicely (HGs only).

A few years ago Toyworld in Fyshwick added a hobby & modellers section. They tried to expand to the RC crowd but was beaten by the local rivals. Good to know they are getting gunpla in but too late for me since moved a year ago.